Pete Berg

About Me

Hi! My name is Pete Berg. I'm a freelance TV producer, video editor, web designer and jack-of-all-trades.

I graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2007 with a degree in Television-Radio, and promptly moved to Los Angeles. I've been working in the television / film / multimedia industry ever since.

I'm always looking for new friends and new opportunities, and I'd love to hear from you!


  • Reality TV
    I work primarily in reality television (most recently as a Associate Producer for several shows on TLC); and at Ithaca College, I produced The Race, the largest college reality television in history, with a crew of 70 and hundreds of hours of footage. I have a unique expertise in developing and producing Reality TV, from start to finish. I am also a member of a reality TV think tank called The G Group; and I have recently started an event planning company called Reality Rush Adventures, which turns reality TV games into weekend team-building events.

  • Shooting
    I am an excellent nonficton and verite shooter, and have mastered a wide variety of video cameras. I know how to cover a scene, capture all necessary shots, and provide editors with what they need to tell the story. In my work as an Associate Producer for TLC's Flip That House and Hope For Your Home, I shot hundreds of hours of footage, and conducted hundreds of interviews. My shots sometimes make up a third or more of finished episodes.

  • Video Editing
    I have countless hours of experience editing documentaries and reality TV, in both Final Cut Pro and Avid work environments. For my college tv show, "The Race", I edited over 200 hours of footage into 9 hour-long episodes. I also was the lead editor for the Ithaca College Admissions video "How I See IC", where six students were given videocameras and asked to tape their day-to-day experiences over the course of an entire semester.

  • Web Design
    I have been designing websites since I was in middle school, and I currently run over a dozen sites. I know PHP scripting, and how to compile a large, interactive, database-driven sites, and I have been hired on multiple occasions as a professional web developer. Visit some of my other sites to see my work!

  • Writing & Documentary Story Editing
    I minored in Screenwriting at Ithaca College, and I have a strong sense of how to tell a story. I have experience writing feature-length scripts; and have also created & written three comedy pilots, two of which I have produced. Additionally, I know how to discover a compelling documentary story from raw footage, and edit a cohesive narrative. I also am the creator and managing editor of a monthly online magazine about computer programming entitled "QB Express" -- which has over 5,000 readers.

  • Animation / Motion Graphics
    I have animation experience in both Flash and After Effects, and also am a talented artist. At Ithaca College, I created, produced, directed and animated a half-hour comedy series called "Unicorn Boy" -- the first entirely-animated series for Ithaca College Television. I also have experience making short animated promos and logo graphics.

  • Travel
    I have traveled extensively, and I feel comfortable just about anywhere. I am always willing to travel for a job. In 2008, I spent 6 months backpacking across Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, the Beijing Olympics, Tibet, Nepal and India); and in 2006, I traveled to Ethiopia and did volunteer work for the Ethiopian Educational Media Agency in Addis Abbaba. I've also traveled to Canada, Mexico and 48 U.S. states, and have done 10 cross-country roadtrips. I also speak basic Spanish. You can read about my international adventures on Bootstrappin', my travel blog.

Personal Interests

I am a storyteller at heart, and there is nothing I love more than sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. Whether it's stories around a campfire, writing a magazine article or creating a television program, communicating with other people is what I do best.

Although most of the work I do involves high technology and computers, I feel more at home in the outdoors. I come from a small town in upstate New York that doesn't even have a stoplight, and I was born and raised with an love for nature. I am an Eagle Scout, and I go camping, hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing and kayaking on a regular basis. My father produces primitive weapons called atlatls for a living, and I have quite a bit of knowledge about primitive technology and wilderness survival.

Documentaries are my passion, because I feel that the most interesting and surprising stories in the world are those that actually happen. My hope is to one day produce feature-length docs about compelling characters, that have the look and feel of feature films.

Peter Robert Berg