My work has gotten a lot of press coverage, in newspapers, magazines and newscasts. Here are some of the articles and video packages that have been written about me and my work:

"Student Media: ICTV's The Race"
IC View Spring 2008
Berg's commitment to such a comprehensive project "made for compelling television. To be able to pull together all the necessary components for such a show is a spectacular accomplishment." And it was ground-breaking for the College station as well. "Nothing on this scale had ever been produced for ICTV," [Peter] Johanns points out.
"Ask The Reality TV Experts" October 1st, 2007
Produced by Ithaca graduate Pete Berg, [The Race] doesn't circle the globe, but its challenges, drama, cast and editing are reminiscent of the series that inspired it so much so that you'll quickly forget you're watching something that doesn't have a multi-million dollar budget.
"Student-produced Version of 'The Amazing Race' Airs Online and is Equally Amazing"
Reality Blurred August 28, 2007
While the show doesn't have quite the scale or culture shock of the CBS version, it's frequently easy to forget this is not a multi-million dollar production airing on CBS. The editing and music create tension, the establishing shots are striking; some of the contestants are likable, others not so much. Even the challenges are impressive, and some could easily have been challenges on the CBS version. In many ways, it's reminiscent of early seasons of The Amazing Race, which were rougher around the edges but had more depth.
"The Fantasy of Reality TV Comes to Life"
Fuse Magazine Issue #2, Summer 2007
When it comes to innovating new, award-winning programming for ICTV, Peter Berg '07 has set himself apart from the many talented students the Park School has to offer. Last fall, Berg introduced IC's first reality show, The Race, after collaborating with his friend Mike Wechsler '07 on ICTV's first 30-minute animated show, Unicorn Boy, just one semester earlier.
"A Boy and His Horn"
Fuse Magazine June 26, 2007
"If it was easy to make a cartoon then more people would do it," says Berg. "It's pretty easy to make a live studio show because you have your studio and your set and your lights already there, and you use people for a few hours. But, making a cartoon is hundreds of hours of work."
"Standout Seniors: At the top of his game"
The Ithacan April 5, 2007
"At Ithaca College, Berg, a television-radio (TV-R) major, is taking chances as producer of "The Race," the college's version of CBS' "The Amazing Race," and "Unicorn Boy," ICTV's first animated show. He also works with six other ICTV shows. Berg is a Park Scholar, a communications student who receives a full scholarship from the Roy H. Park Foundation."
"ICTV Hits the Road with Reality Show"
Tompkins Weekly February 26 - March 4, 2007
All the elements of authentic reality programming are here. From the quick-paced editing and adrenaline-inducing musical over-dubs,to dramatic story arcs, "The Race" is compelling, effortless entertainment in the very best sense.
"Ithaca College Television Premieres 'The Race'"
CBS 5 News (WTVH) - Syracuse, NY February 2007

Video package on The Race by the CBS affiliate in Syracuse.

Peter says he wants to go into the television field, and he says he wants to be a producer. From the looks of things, he shows a lot of promise.
"IC Student Produces Reality TV Show"
The Ithaca Journal February 12, 2007
"In October, six teams each made up of two Ithaca College students and seven camera crews used the college's equipment and filmed "The Race," in various locations across the state, including Syracuse and Rochester. At the end of each day of the race, the team that came in last was eliminated."
"Candor Resident Endures Two-Day Lockup to Create Sitcom"
Owego Pennysaver November 19, 2006
Ithaca College senior Peter Berg, son of Candor residents Cheryll and Robert Berg, survived a weekend locked in a room with seven fellow students and Rick Shaw, producer of "The Nanny," to create a sitcom outline... Next spring, students will develop the characters and turn the outline into a full-fledged pilot ready for a Hollywood pitch of its own.
"Ithaca College's 'The Race' Heads Through Rochester"
CBS 8 News (WROC) - Rochester, NY October 19, 2006

Video package on The Race by the CBS affiliate in Rochester.

The show will air on Ithaca College TV. It's one student's senior project, and there are about thirty volunteers.
"Park Scholars work with media groups in Ethiopia"
The Ithacan August 31, 2006
"[Berg] was one of nine students who participated in the first Park Scholar International Media Experience trip to Ethiopia in May. The students volunteered with three organizations that use media to educate citizens about health and political issues. The organizations focused on problems as diverse as population control and free press. Senior Peter Berg produced an instructional video on how to use technical broadcasting equipment for the Educational Media Agency (EMA)."
"The Hold Up at John's Fine Foods"
Community Press May, 2005
Three armed robbers entered John's Fine Foods in Owego, Sunday night, April. 10, tied up a clerk, and managed to avoid police detection. It was all part of an Ithaca College Intermediate Field Production class.
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