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The Race is a reality show that follows teams of two in a race across New York State! Along the way, contestants must complete challenges and navigate through New York's most scenic locales, while facing cutthroat competition from other teams. Think "The Amazing Race"...but with many new twists.

I produced, directed and edited two seasons of The Race for Ithaca College Television between 2006 and 2007. This was the first reality show ever produced for ICTV, and it was a massiving undertaking -- I coordinated a crew of 50 (season 1) and a crew of 70 (season 2), and we visited over 70 locations. "The Race" was a huge hit for ICTV -- quickly becoming its most viewed (and most downloaded) television program. "The Race" also won several local awards, and was named "Best Show" and "Best New Show" at the 2007 ICTV awards ceremony.

You can watch the entire series of The Race online at Also, check out the Press section below to see some of the media coverage that The Race received.

The Race
Reality TV Series
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Unicorn Boy

Unicorn Boy is a a half-hour animated comedy series that I co-created, produced, directed and animated for Ithaca College Television. It stars Dwayne, an awkward middleschool student who had the unfortunate luck of being born with a horn growing out of his head -- and nothing ever seems to go right for him.

Unicorn Boy was the first ever cartoon produced for ICTV, and was named "Best New Show" in 2006. The show also won the 2006 PEGASYS award for "Best Comedy" and "Best Educational Access Program." Unicorn Boy has been featured in an international film festival in Istanbul and has aired on OSTN, the Open Student Television Network. You can watch episodes of Unicorn Boy at: YouTube.

Unicorn Boy
Animated Comedy
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Mockumentaries - If It Floats & These Are The News

I directed two half-hour comedy series for Ithaca College Television, with a mockumentary style similar to The Office or Reno 911. I was also the director of photography for both of these shows.

If It Floats is a field-shot comedy series that follows the dysfunctional staff of a high-power public relations firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company, Anderson and Anderson and Anderson, struggles to spin public discourse and overcome its own internal dejections -- but in the process, loses its major client, the Keds shoe company. I co-created, produced and directed this series in the Spring of 2007.

These Are The News provides a behind-the-scenes look at the personal relationships and internal power struggles of the fictional WDYL news station in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. When WDYL's news director takes a leave of absence and new management is brought in, tensions run high, and the nightly newscast is thrown into jeopardy. I co-directed and was the director of photography for this series, and it was produced in the Spring of 2005.

Comedy Series


Nonfiction is my passion, and I hope to one day produce documentaries for theatrical release. In the meantime, I have worked on several documentaries:

Hate Radio: Infesting The Airwaves is a documentary pilot that I produced in Spring of 2004, about white supremacist shortwave radio shows. As a freshman at Ithaca College, I traveled from Maine to Kentucky to shoot this project; and we interviewed everyone from radio hosts to members of the Ku Klux Klan. "Hate Radio" was voted best documentary at our screening in May of 2004.

The Dirty Dozen is a forty-minute documentary following an overzealous intramural flag football team for an entire season. When the prize for winning is just a t-shirt, why do these twelve men spend every free moment practicing, talking football strategy, reviewing game footage, and obsessing about football? And will the rag-tag group be able to pull together to win the intramural championship, after they lost it the two previous years? I shot and produced this documentary for Nonfiction Production class at Ithaca College in the Fall of 2005.

Nonfiction Productions

Sketch Comedy

I have directed, written and produced many short comedy sketches over the years.

I am a founding member of a sketch comedy group called Sweatpants Boner, which launched in April 2007. We produce short comedy videos for internet distribution, on video sharing websites like YouTube, Revver and, and have had thousands of views. You can watch our shorts on

The Solarium with Professor Smedley Drake

In Fall of 2004, I was the Director of Photography for a sketch comedy series that aired on Ithaca College Television, called The Solarium With Professor Smedley Drake. We produced three thirty-minute episodes, which set a new standard on ICTV with their high production values. The Solarium was voted the "Best New ICTV Show" by Ithaca College Television; won the 2005 PEGASYS awards for "Best Comedy" and "Best Educational Access Show"; and was a finalist in the comedy category for the 2005 College Broadcaster's Institute awards.

Sketch Comedy
Short Comedy
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And Much More...

This is just a sampling of the video projects that I have worked on and produced. Some of my other work includes:

  • "How I See IC" -- A nonfiction marketing video for the Ithaca College Admissions Department. Six IC students were given video cameras in the Spring 2007 semester, and asked to record their day-to-day lives as college students. I was hired to edit the 30 hours of footage that they recorded into a series of short profile videos.

  • Studio productions -- I have extensive experience working in a television studio environment. For ICTV, I directed a weekly live movie reviews show called The Screening Room, and also worked as the Technical Director for another show, Entertainment 16. I am very proficient with the Grass Valley Kayak Switcher; in fact, I worked as a Teacher's Assistant at Ithaca College, and part of my responsibility was to teach the students how to use the switcher (as well as our Chyron character generator, sound boards, and other equipment in the TV studios).

  • Animations -- Aside from Unicorn Boy, I have experience doing short stop motion animations and title sequences. You can see a few of my animations in this YouTube video, from my Motion Graphics & Animation class in the Spring of 2005.

  • Short fiction films -- including "The Exchange", "The Hold Up" and others, made for Ithaca College production classes.

  • Experimental work -- I produced many short experimental pieces in college, and served as the Teacher's Assistant for two sections of Professor Megan Roberts' Experimental Video class.

  • Film productions -- I have worked on the set of several film shoots, both professional and student films. In February and March of 2006, I was an intern on the film "Welcome to Paradise", produced by Sony Pictures / Out of Pocket Films.