Pete Berg

Web Design

I have been designing websites, graphics and multimedia for the internet for over a decade. Here are some examples of my work -- both websites I have built professionally for clients, as well as several of my own sites which I run as a hobby. (Click on the screenshots to see a slideshow of the different web designs.)

I offer competitive rates, quick turnaround, and personalized custom service. For a price quote, please email me at


  • PHP scripting
  • JavaScript and JQuery


  • Wordpress template design
  • Social network implementation
  • Amazon storefront development
  • eCommerce websites, OpenCart


Media RED

Company website for Media RED, an upstart media development company with divisions in TV, Web, Film, Music and Publishing.

The Man's Guide to Love

A daily video blog of love advice from real men from all walks of life. Features original video handling scripts and a highly-customized Wordpress theme.

Craigslist Joe

Website for a documentary feature about one man who travels the country and lives for one month entirely through the kindness of strangers from Craigslist.

New Horizons Pictures

Legendary filmmaker Roger Corman's website, where his over 400 films are available for sale. This is a highly-customized and targeted Amazon storefront.

Reality Rush

Event planning company that runs teambuilding games based on Reality TV shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. Site is highly integrated with social networks for fan relations.

Poly USA

An international fashion company, selling dresses for weddings, proms and other special occasions. This eCommerce site sells their hundreds of dresses. Based on the OpenCart platform.

Ithaca College Television

College television station website; features a custom video management system for over 100 current and archived shows. Winner of multiple College Broadcasters' Inc. Awards.

Julie CS Poetry

Poet Julie Cadwallader-Staub's website, featuring her original poetry and promotional materials for her upcoming book of poetry.

Wood & Vine

Launched in February 2011, Wood & Vine is a wine bar and restaurant located at the famous Hollywood Blvd. and Vine St. intersection in Hollywood.

Vine Street Partners

Vine Street Partners is a multifaceted endeavor, involved in real estate investment, filmmaking, restauranting and more.

Marketingworks, Inc.

Corporate website for ad/marketing firm Marketingworks. MWKS uses targeted social media and new web technologies to promote properties for dozens of clients.

Thunderbird Atlatl

Business website and online catalog for Thunderbird Atlatl, the world's largest manufacturer of atlatls -- ancient spear-throwing weapons.

Last Lantern Productions

Los Angeles-based video and film production company Last Lantern's website. Includes company bios and video demo reels.

Personal Websites

Pete's QBasic Site

Pete's QBasic Site is the largest website dedicated to QuickBasic and FreeBasic programming on the Internet, with hundreds of tutorials, free programs for download, and an active forum community. This was my first website, started back in 1998, and it has been active ever since. It currently is visited by more than 1,000 visitors per day -- the most of any QBasic site.

Six Word Stories

Can you tell a story in just six words? Inspired by Ernest Hemingway's famous challenge, Six Word Stories is a collection of short short stories, told with only six words. It includes stories by famous authors, interesting ones I found on the Internet, stories submitted by readers, and ones I've written myself. I post 2 - 3 new stories new stories every day; and the stories are also available as a Twitter feed.

Pie Heaven

Pie Heaven is a compendium of the best-of-the-best viral videos the web has to offer! It is a daily-updated video blog where my contributors and I post our favorite internet videos, from the latest YouTube hits, to unintentionally hilarious vintage clips, to underground comedy sketches. I started Pie Heaven on "Pi Day" (3/14) 2008, and since then it's gathered quite a loyal following, and become one of the best places to see the latest and greatest of online video.

Oh Cany Productions

Oh Cany Productions is the name of my "production company," which dates back to high school. This website showcases many of my older video productions from college and before -- look in the "Pete's Stuff" section for most of my videos.


I do a lot of traveling, and Bootstrappin' is my travel blog. I launched it in 2008 when I spent half a year backpacking through Asia, and whenever I go traveling, I write posts about the interesting things I come across. Unlike a typical travel blog, I try make the posts journalistic and visual, and not just about where I've been and what I'm doing.

Power Hour HQ

An online directory of video drinking games. The "power hour" has become extremely popular as of late among college crowds, and this website brings together video drinking game compilations from all over the country into one easy to find collection. One of my most popular websites.

QB Express

QB Express is an online magazine about QuickBasic and FreeBasic game programming that I created and have edited since 2004. QB Express is an open and freely-distributed magazine, where the readers write nearly all of the articles and tutorials. There have been over thirty issues, released several times per year, and each issue has been downloaded nearly 10,000 times.


When I find the urge to write about topics that I find interesting, or share interesting stories from my life, is where I do it. It's an occasionally-updated blog of articles and writings about a variety of things: cool things I've found in LA; adventures I've had; humorous anecdotes; personal essays; and more.